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  • African Chic Starlight Earrings
  • African Chic Starlight Earrings
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African Chic Starlight Beaded Earrings

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Inspired by the magic of the African moonlight. 

These Delicate Mosaic Design Earrings feature Solitaire Handwoven Earrings are featured with Hematite And Clear Gems, and Grey and Gold Metallic Glass Beads. 

The perfect accessory for those romantic nights under the twinkling stars.

This item will arrive on a recyclable card in an organic cotton gift bag.  jangi endeavours to manufacture and source our materials with respect for standards of social and environmental responsibility.


Glass beads much like crystals have an effervescent nature and are beautiful to use in jewelry design.
Glass beads are made of silica and other minerals melted at a high temperature to form a thick viscous liquid. The liquid is molded into the desired shape and hardens as it cools.

The array of colors to choose from and the quality of the beads make them a very beautiful adornment to use in our production of fun and fashionable pieces.


We love utilizing quality cubic zirconia stones in our jewellery pieces. Cubic Zirconia is a hard stone and is colourless but can be made in a variety of colors.

Cubic Zirconia is the cubic crystalline form of zirconium dioxide (ZrO2). The synthesized material is hard and usually colorless and resembles the glistening effect of a diamond.


Our Precision Crafted Stainless Steel jewellery is 316L Surgical Grade Steel. While it’s not considered a precious metal it is much more durable than Silver, Gold, and Platinum. It will not rust, corrode, tarnish nor fade - It is a Hypoallergenic and Ideal material for quality fashion jewellery.

Drop Length: 5 cm